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Feb 13, 2013 4:00am EST
by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. [ applause ] >> we can't do it. >> and on foreign policy, the president says he'll withdraw about half the u.s. troops in afghanistan within the next year. also warned north korea about its nuclear weapon program. he said there will be talks with the e.u. about reaching a transatlantic trade agreement. and marco rubio gave the republican response and criticized obama's programs and proposals as more unnecessary deficit spending. joining us for more, head of european g-10 fx bank of america merrill lynch. welcome. >> good morning. >> want to start talking about europe, about cypress where he got back from. first the u.s. dollar, what's happening with the potential fiscal talks. how concerned are you, what does it moon for trading the currency? >> the u.s. dollar has weakened so far this year because of the overall market risk move that we have seen. positive of surprises in the u.s. at the global level. and looking forward, we were bullish on the u.s. dollar because we see a market correction as the u.s. tightens fiscal policy substantially
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am EST
after posting weaker than expected profits. >>> the g-7 is set to -- the foreign stage as finance ministers coordinate economic policy to avoid a currency war. >>> shares in mechanico plunge after a helicopter deal with india. >>> and we're just hours away from president obama's state of the union address and the economy is expected to take center stage with the president calling on congress and more tax hikes with fewer spending cuts. . >>> it was forecast, rpi, the annual rate on that. 3.3%. that has ticked higher from 3.2. rpiix, 3.3%. that was forecast at 3%, as well. the biggest contribution to cpi from alcohol and tobacco, kelly, the main downward pressure. >> is that just for me? alcohol and tobacco. >> i just wanted to make sure you knew about that. >> it's never a good sign when those are where the price targets are coming from, suggesting it's not fundamental strength but rather structural price changes. >> let's get a reaction to that. sterling has been down below 156. as i say, it was the annual rate slightly below what we were expecting. so it's picked up against the
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am EST
-term dem gravityics, for example, unless they've changed immigration policies, japan's government pension fund right now is selling jgbs. they've got a strong net overseas positive asset position. in the longer term, they're going to have to lick daid date those foreign asset services. if that's the case, then you can argue in the longer term the yen should appreciate. >> my sense would be in a general market, the bull trend is over. you've now entered a neutral phase. whether that turns into a bear market, it's difficult to say. quite likely, we night see a minor correction. >> googling the stores remain under the looking feed with assets. in the next few weeks, they've have a company and each company they -- shall be used as a value. >> that's the thought of some of the guests already. michael hanes is still with us here with the american precious metals exchange. you know, they should adhere to the currency statement, avoid loose talk. a lot of the reasons that we've seen so much volatility or currency wars is because of central bank action. which they say is for their own economies. i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3